Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bakerzin Executive Lunch Set Meal @ $15++

Dear *Freaders, :)

Today, I had the Bakerzin Executive Lunch Set Meal @ myVillage (Serangoon Gardens).

The Set Lunch ($15++) comprises of an appetizer (either salad or soup), a main course and a Snapple (3 flavours to choose from).

Below is my review:

The Mushroom Soup has a rich savoury flavour.. Yummy!!

Creamy, gooey, warm melted cheese layered on top of Penne with Lamb Ragout. Lamb Ragout is similar to Lamb Stew. This meaty and umami Lamb Ragout definitely warms my heart on a busy work day! :)


Bakerzin @ myVillage

Tel: 6634 5638

1 Maju Avenue
#01-26/27/28 myvillage@ Serangoon Garden
Singapore 556679

Operating Hours:

Sun-Thurs & PH:
10:00am - 10:00pm

Fri, Sat & Eve of PH:
10:00am - 10:30pm

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Christian Mingle movie

Dear *Freaders,

It's going to be Mothers' Day tomorrow!!! Show your Mums appreciation by spending time with her. Bringing her on a date will be a splendid gesture! :)

By the way, I want to blog about this movie called Christian Mingle released in 2014. From the movie poster, it is obvious that it is all about romance.

Christian Mingle sounds like a name, probably the name of a guy. And, I was thinking in my head that this could be a sweet film - perhaps about a girl who meets the perfect guy who turns out to be her Mr. Right.

Well, Christian Mingle is more than that... :)

I want all of you to watch the movie, hence I am going to write a really brief plot summary.

Gwyneth Hayden's life is close to perfection but she feels empty - she thinks that the only thing lacking is a decent man in her life journey. By chance, she finds a dating website and fills out a profile to find Mr. Right. In the end, she receives more than what her heart desires. :)

If you read my past reviews on movies, you will know that I LOVE to ponder about the meaning behind movies.

Here goes....

1) GOD loves us and He hopes for us to have a relationship with him.

He is a Father to us. He wants us to flourish and be emotionally and spiritually strong. And, I do believe He has a "plan" for us.

Many of us are just drifting through life. Some days we wake up feeling hollow and confused. Then we mull over what is the purpose of our life.

I hope every one will take time to reflect and consider what is most important in life.

2) The Truth is what we seek.

Being truthful to family, friends and even strangers are imperative to us. The ability to feel a sense of guilt is what makes us humans. We cannot lie all the time.

Being true to oneself is of even greater importance. Deceiving yourself or pretending is exhausting.

The ultimate essence? Seeking The Truth to living forever. :)


*Freaders, watch the movie and share some of your thoughts here, ok? :)))

* Freaders = Friends + Readers

Friday, May 1, 2015

Kombi Rocks Diner - Vintage is the New IN

Dear *Freaders,

Do you love everything retro? Do you dream to have a house with a vintage theme? Do you love Volkswagen cars? :))

If so, you should hang out at Kombi Rocks Diner @ Yio Chu Kang Road. You will definitely love the laid-back atmosphere here. Plus, the service is fantastic! :)

Just for info, Kombi is known informally as the Camper (UK), which is a panel van launched in 1950 by Volkswagen. Only a few people in Singapore own one.

Food-wise, Kombi Rocks Diner serves Thai and Chinese food. Prices are quite steep though. If you are on a saver-mode, you can order from the Noodles & Rice menu. I ordered the Seafood Hor Fun which costs $6.50. It actually tastes exquisite - the texture of the Hor Fun is very smooth and the gravy is absolutely savoury.

I was here on a Thursday and the live music was genuinely entertaining. I love the performance by the Philipino singer strumming on his guitar! As I was seating right in front of him, I made a song request and he happily obliged. :) After his act, he told me that he sings on every Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Store Interior:

Take a random snapshot with The Hulk~ He (or it) has MANLIEST vibe!!!

I dream of a free-spirited guy who will take me on his bike and travel the world~~~~

Tick-tock.... Tick-tock.... time moves a little slower in this vintage space!

~~~Volkswagen Miniatures~~~

~~~The Beatles Wall~~~
Overall, Kombi Rocks is an enjoyable hang-out diner. If you stay around Serangoon/Kovan, why not drop by?
p.s. There are pretty Kombis parked outside Kombi Rocks that you can take a selfie or WE-fie with!
Kombi Rocks Diner
66 Yio Chu Kang Road
(Nearest MRT is Serangoon / Kovan MRT Station)

Teddy&Me Cafe - Concept revolving around Mr Bean & his Teddy

Dear *Freaders,

Make a guess!

Who lives in London, always wears a tweed jacket and red skinny tie and talks to his friend, Teddy?

Sounds familiar?

Of course! That's because he is our very likeable (or not) and awkwardly funny character, Mr Bean!

For fans and secret admirers of Mr Bean, your dreams have come true!

There is a sweet cafe located in Marina Square, #02-207A which revolves all around Mr Bean & his Teddy. It is a fairly new cafe which opened for business less than a year ago, on 30 June 2014.

I patronised the cafe sometime back and wanted to share some pictures and review.

I must say I really love the overall timeless British interior! Makes me feel like I had teleported to London!

Mmmm... who can resist the temptation of icy cold, melt-in-your-mouth luscious creaminess!!!!

A limited selection of desserts. The highlights of the cafe are positioned on top. 4 flavours of Mille Crepe - Trio Chocolate Mille Crepe, Strawberry Mille Crepe, Yam & Red Bean Mille Crepe and Rainbow Mille Crepe. :)

A classic London telephone booth and it seems Teddy is doing a good job guarding it. Well-done, Teddy!

Lovely ambience and comfy seatings ^ ^

Mr Bean imprinted on the pillow (found on the sofa that I was seating on).


Chocolate ice cream Waffle - the ice cream is fan-tastic! It is so chocolatey and creamy! It totally won my heart over! I must say I did not expect the ice cream to be that good! On the contrary, the waffle is a huge disappointment! 

Strawberry Mille Crepe - it looks better than it tastes. It has the right ingredients and flavour but the texture is off. 

The Cappuccino here has a dainty Teddy design! Flavour-wise, not too bad! Coffee is pretty well-rounded! Liked!


6 Raffles Boulevard 
#02-207A Marina Square
Singapore 039594

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Dear *Freaders,

I want to recommend a movie entitled "Barefoot". It is not the usual romance movie, there are so many inspiring messages in this 90 minutes film!!! :)

This is my short synopsis of the film:

A playboy (Scott Speedman as Jay Wheeler) who is going nowhere in life and has his hands full of debts, chances upon a young patient (Evan Rachel Wood as Daisy Kensington) in a mental hospital. 

Jay asks Daisy to pretend to be his girlfriend and brings her to his brother's wedding, in hope to bridge the gap with his father, to get cash to pay off his debts. 

Along the way, love blossoms between this unexpected couple. They had to go through many obstacles to finally be together.

Well, this movie is so emotionally sweet that I had to fight back my tears so many times throughout the film.

Here are some key life messages I picked up in the movie:

1) Take care of your spiritual needs, and let God take care of your physical needs.

The movie "Barefoot" is really well-titled. I simply LOVE it to the max.

Seeing Daisy walking around barefoot in almost all her scenes in the movie triggered my thoughts on babies.

When we were born from our mothers' wombs, we have not a single dime and not a single piece of clothing on us. We are literally just a chunk of flesh and blood. Every one of us starts from ground zero. All we have are our screams, our uncontrollable facial expressions and our occasional laughter.

Didn't it occur to you how strong our faith is? We had no control in meeting our needs. We had no control over the world. However, somehow, we didn't have to plan or worry about our next steps. When we are hungry, we just cry. When we are happy, we just laugh.

This made me recall a sermon I had heard on Easter Sunday. The pastor said something similar to this, "Some of you, young working adults, earn four or five figures salary after graduation and you are suddenly overwhelmed by the attractions of the world. When you were younger, you feel rich when you have ten dollars in your wallet. Now, you feel poor when you have anything less than a few hundreds in your wallet. He told the audience strictly, "Take care of your spiritual needs, and let God take care of your physical needs."

2) Some people are born with a silver (or even a gold) spoon.

That will definitely give you a head-start in life but if you decide to play punk in life, nobody can hold your hands and lead you every step of the way.

3) Don't take things for granted.

In the movie, I see poor Daisy's inability to fit into the social world because she has been locked up in her house since birth. She does not have the chance to attend school, does not have the chance to go shopping (not even for groceries) and she has to do all the cleaning in the house to earn love.

We often take it for granted that our parents should love us and be the beacon light in our lives. But in this case, Daisy's mum is sort of mentally disoriented. And many of the things she taught Daisy is absolutely skewed. For example, will any parent tell his/her child that driving cause pregnancy? Or will any parent make his/her child feel nasty if she ever win a game of Scrabble?

4) There is always a struggle of good and evil (sins) in our hearts and lives.

Having seen Jay with so many bad morals in the movie, I totally did not expect him to be so honorable as to help Daisy so much in the movie. There are a few scenes where Jay struggles within himself - he contemplates in his heart whether to lend Daisy a helping hand.

I do believe being good always has its rewards (physically, mentally and/or spiritually). Of course, not saying that we should help someone because we want to have rewards (but it should come naturally from our hearts). Sometimes, you will not be able to see the rewards straightaway. Nonetheless, we should not give up being the good guy.

Well, if Jay did not help Daisy at the start of the movie, there will not be a happy ever after at the end.

5) Never judge a book by its cover.

Daisy seems weird or kinda crazy to people around her. But if they were to know her better, they might be able to discover what Jay did.

Nearing the end of the movie, the plot unfolds with a twist. We get to realize that Daisy does not have a serious mental illness at all (just socially dysfunctional). And the reason why she is being placed in the mental institution is overthrown.

6) Love-making is sacred.

It should only happen in a committed relationship (between a married couple who mutually consent to the act). We should not be overwhelmed by our emotions and sudden urges to act on something that we might regret in the future.

What I love about the movie is the pure and innocent love between Jay and Daisy. Jay manages to subdue his manly desires and not take advantage of poor Daisy. This is what love should be - mutual respect.

7) Family members are usually the ones who hurt you and love you the most at the same time.

Jay does not have the trust of his Dad as he is the "black sheep" in the family. This hurts Jay a huge deal.

Yet, at the end of the movie, Jay's Dad bails his son out from jail. (Well, you have to see the movie yourself to find out why!) This is a magnificent display of love and affection from someone who has already lost all hope in his son.

Overall, this is a fantastic romance film worth your time. Therefore, I sincerely hope that you will have the opportunity to watch it, and perhaps share some of your comments here! :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday!!

Dear *Freaders,

It is Good Friday!!! :)
Hope everyone is grateful in your hearts and thoughts.

By the way, recently, I got a chance to try out some pies from pie face in Nex.

Apparently, they mentioned that they are from Australia but their pastry chef is a French.

Cute faces on the pies will definitely bring a smile to your face. :)

My review of the pies:

- Minced beef pie (with the smiley face): Frankly speaking, I cannot really pinpoint whether I enjoy the texture of the minced beef filling. As expected, the filling is savoury and meaty. Nothing above expectations. The crust doesn't have a buttery taste which is a huge let-down. Well, the plus is that it does not have an oily mouthfeel. Having said so, if I am craving for pies and I happen to be nearby, I will probably order this again.

- Chicken & mushroom pie (with the emo face): Oh my! The filling is slighty too salty to my liking but it is savoury. The filling has a creamy mouthfeel. The crust is really so-so. I will probably give the pie a pass. Anyway, there are many other flavours on the menu.

For more info, go to:

 In life, we can choose to be HAPPY or sad.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


Dear *Freaders,

Life is short. Life is fragile, yet strong at the same time. We, humans, are flexible enough to adapt to life changes. It all depends on our mindsets at any
given point of time.

I want to take this opportunity to express my love to all my loved ones - my Family, sisters, besties, friends, colleagues and every single soul who had touched my life since it all started.

Here's an image that I made to collaborate this moment for you:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Have a slice of pizza

Dear *Freaders,

I just had pizza for dinner. Cheers!

Here's an image for all of u: :)